Seismic protection of structures via magnetorheological dampers

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The associated project for this dataset looks at understanding the aggregation of nanoparticles through computational simulations in magnetorheological dampers and other nano-scale applications.
The dataset itself contains a mixture of data input files for ANSYS-Fluent in the form of WPBJ files (Workbench project files for ANSYS-Fluent, CAS files (Case files for ANSYS-Fluent) and C files (User Defined Function files for ANSYS-Fluent). Data output files in the form of DAT files contain values such as X, Y, Z positions, velocity, temperature, density, viscosity, specific heat of constant pressure.
The dataset covers the period January 2017 to December 2018.
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Seismic attenuation of structures through use of magnetorheological dampers - AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL-DISCOVERY PROJECT - DISCOVERY PROJECT - DP160100021