Extinction Spectra of 1,4-Benzenedimethanethiol on Gold Nano Pillars with varying dimensions

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Copyright: Copyright 2012, University of New South Wales
Through direct write electron beam lithography, periodic patterns with well-defined nano-roughness were fabricated reproducibly with varying pillar distance and size. Upon functionalization with 1, 4-benzenedimethanethiol, the optical reflectivity spectra of the surface were measured in the visible and near infrared at normal incidence using a custom built optical arrangement on Olympus BX 51 microscope (Photonics Lab UNSW School of Physics). In this set-up, a USB2000+ miniature fibre optic spectrometer (Ocean Optics Inc., USA), having a spectral resolution of 1 nm, was coupled to a multimode fibre with the collecting facet mounted in the conjugate image plane of the microscope. The microscope was equipped with a 20x objective. The collecting aperture of the fibre-coupled spectrometer had a diameter of 100 μm. Reflectivity spectra were recorded and processed using the SpectraSuite spectroscopy software platform (Ocean Optics Inc., USA).Below are information about the gold nano pillarsNo. Size/nm2 Distance/nm 1 (100) (100)2 (100) (300)3 (300) (100)4 (300) (300)5 (59) (200)6 (341) (200)7 (200) (59)8 (200) (341)9 (200) (200)10 (200) (200)
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