Gay Community Periodic Survey: Changes over time Sydney 1996-1999

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The Sydney Gay Community Periodic Surveys are cross-sectional surveys of homosexually active men recruited through a range of sites in the Sydney metropolitan area. Data were collected on types of sexual relationships and number of partners, anal and oral intercourse, unprotected anal intercourse, testing for HIV and other STIs, HIV serostatus, recreational drug use, and demographic characteristics such as sexual identity and age. This data describes the findings from the seven periodic surveys conducted between February 1996 and February 1999. Sample Population: 10,306 gay and homosexually-active men from Sydney. Method of Data Collection: Self-completion. Kind of Data: Survey.Sampling Procedures: Men were recruited through a total of 13 different locations: including the Mardi Gras Fair Day, clinics, suburban venues repeated sites, social venues, sex-on-premises venues. Time Dimensions: Repeated cross-sectional study. Conducted annually in February and August.
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Van de Ven, Paul
Knox, Stephanie
Crawford, June
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Centre for Social Research in Health, National Centre in HIV Social Research
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Sydney gay community periodic survey - NSW MINISTRY OF HEALTH-NGO GRANTS PROGRAM - NGO GRANTS PROGRAM - 98/7103