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Six in-depth qualitative interviews were collected as part of the 'Researching the Researchers' (RSquared) project at the University Library, UNSW Australia. These data were collected with the aim of gaining an understanding of changing needs in data use, creation and sharing within different research communities at UNSW. Participant recruitment was undertaken via the RSquared online survey. As part of the survey, volunteers were sought to take part in an informal in-depth face-to-face interview about their data usage, creation and sharing practices. Participants included academic staff as well as postgraduate students. The interview schedule included questions about research data management practices. Researchers were asked about their research data use and sharing practices, understanding of institutional and disciplinary policies relating to data management, and disciplinary perspectives on data sharing.This data collection consists of the semi-structured interview transcripts. Identifying information, including names of people and projects has been removed from the transcripts. A detailed thematic coding schema was manually created on the basis of analysis of two of the interviews.
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