The Beneficiaries’ Perspective on the Role of NGOs in Post-Tsunami Reconstruction in Aceh, Indonesia

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This thesis analyses the challenges that were faced by non-state actors in rebuilding and developing post-tsunami Aceh, Indonesia during the post tsunami reconstruction from 2004 to 2010. There are five main phases in post tsunami reconstruction in Aceh, emergency, recovery, rehabilitation, reconstruction and post developmental phase. The research focused the contribution from emergency and recovery phase and rehabilitation and reconstruction phase toward the development phase. The research investigated the roles of civil society organizations such as international non-governmental organizations and other international agencies in post disaster development. Previous research had focused mostly from the NGOs’ perspective and not examined the reconstruction process in Aceh from the viewpoint of the beneficiaries. This empirical study drew on participants in Aceh, Banda Aceh, and West Aceh. The methods applied were in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with affected communities, International Non-Governmental Organizations, and government agencies. The research found that the extent to which affected communities as beneficiaries participated in the various programs and projects had a strong effect on their capacity building in the development phase. The levels of participation also determined whether the program had been successfully carried out to ensure a smooth transition into the developmental phase. The empirical findings show, besides participation effort from the beneficiaries, the collaboration and coordination between NGOs and government agencies are a vital factor in determining effective programs outcomes. In Aceh, the combination of aid and support from international bodies such as donors and NGOs and proper coordination from government agencies (Agencies for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction) are needed to encourage higher participation level, which will empower the beneficiaries’ capacity building toward community capability in the developmental phase.
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