Indigenous Research Strategy : Working Better with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Communities

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The Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) undertakes research across a wide range of issues and locations across Australia. It is important that our work fully reflects the diversity of the populations and situations being researched. In this context, there are complexities and obligations that require a special focus on how we work with Indigenous peoples and communities. These arise from the cultural and linguistic distinctiveness of Indigenous peoples, the diversity of Indigenous peoples and situations, and the social, economic and psychological effects of the history of their interaction with the broader society. Indigenous peoples and communities are over-represented in much of the SPRC’s research and their interests are priorities for action in many areas of social policy. As a group, Indigenous people are amongst the most disadvantaged people in Australia against many social indicators, but they also have unique strengths on which social policy affecting them needs to be based. There is strong commonality between Indigenous peoples across Australia arising from their shared culture and heritage; equally, there is much diversity. Indigenous peoples and communities have a wide range of backgrounds, needs and aspirations, and interact with ‘mainstream’ society in many different ways. It is important that this complexity and diversity be appropriately reflected in the Centre’s work and that the principles and processes in this Strategy are embedded in the overall values, culture, policy, and operations of the Centre. This Strategy reflects the commitment and work of the SPRC to ensure the relevance and quality of its research involving Indigenous peoples and communities.
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