Ethnicity and Ageing: The Anglo Asian Experience

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The ensuing analysis of ethnicity as a factor in old age exploits a body of data drawn from three ethnic population groups from the Asian region who now live in Perth. It provides an insight into how ethnic continuity in old age is evident in the migrants of the early post war years in Australia. Given the current concerns with multiculturalism and with old age, the convergence of these two areas is a high priority in social policy provision. The paucity of research into the ethnic aged from the Asian region prompted this project. The high degree of westernisation, English language proficiency and urbanisation distinguish the Anglo-Asians from other migrants from the region. Nevertheless, the cultural heritage, ethnicity and religion are factors which they share in common with others. These common elements make the observations more than partially applicable to many ethnic groups outside the Anglo-Asians. It was evident that background characteristics associated with the process of migration have a life-long influence. The strength of contacts with family, friends and church make the retirement years of Anglo-Asians in our sample contented and happy. Moderate expectations regarding financial and material comforts in retirement are evident in these population groups. The popular expression of old age as a social problem cannot encompass these groups on the strength of data from this study. However, the future for these people in 'very old' age seem unplanned and bleak, and consideration should be given to the provision of ethnospecific accommodation services
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Chandraratna, Donald
Cummins, Michael
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