Meals on Wheels in New South Wales: A Discussion Paper

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This piece by Randall Smith is not an empirical study of a sample of Meals on Wheels services, it is not an evaluation of the performance of the services, it is not a study of those who deliver or receive Meals on Wheels. It is instead, an attempt to describe the development of the services in New South Wales, and to identify the policy interventions and activities which have given the services their present form and structure. In the process it demonstrates Smith's perceptive eye and his ability to assemble a policy edifice. He has worked tirelessly at finding and understanding the available literature (listed on pages 42-48) and has interviewed numerous people involved with Meals on Wheels. The policy analysis he has brought to this exercise is extremely valuable. He has argued that there is a tremendous shortfall in provision, yet the mechanisms which could begin to attack the deficiency are characterised by dreadful fragmentation, inability to take initiative and lack of an acknowledged base of responsibility or clearly defined auspices. The answers to the problems are not in this monograph, but an important mark of a provocative piece of research or analysis is that it raises questions and stimulates further research.
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Smith, Randall
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