An enabling BIM block library: an online repository to facilitate social inclusion in Australia

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the implications of socially inclusive Building Information Model (BIM) library components. A BIM requires and integrates many sets of predefined blocks or collection of attributes. Any one of the individual blocks can be replicated and/or stored in a block library for later reuse. However, few if any current block libraries contain or have access to the blocks that enable social inclusion. Methodology: An action-based research methodology was used to design, develop and deploy three enabling blocks as part of a plan to develop a larger library of tools for BIM practitioners. The Enabling Block Library is an open access library of Australian code compliant mobility elements published online. This paper discusses the design and development of the library components in detail, explaining how each of the three blocks selected in our pilot evaluation how was: (1) identified; (2) fact checked; (3) planned (designed); (4) deployed (action); and then (5) evaluated. Findings: The process and evaluation highlights that appropriate code-compliant design tools can support greater social inclusion aspects of a built environment project. These are tools that are relevant to the full spectrum of industry users of BIM, including designers, engineers and certifiers. Originality and value: The paper applied action-based research methodology in the development, deployment and evaluation of exploratory BIM use to create more socially inclusive environments. It is of value because it facilitates designers creating the optimum of performance based accessible environments, rather than the minimum ‘deemed to satisfy’ building codes. Keywords: Building Information Modelling, block element library, social inclusion, accessible environments Article Classification: Research Paper
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Carnemolla, Phillippa
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