Brighter Futures Early Intervention Program : Interim Report 1

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Brighter Futures is a voluntary program that provides targeted support tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable families with children aged under nine years or who are expecting a child. Brighter Futures provides families with the necessary services and resources to help prevent an escalation of emerging child protection issues. It aims to strengthen parenting and other skills to promote the necessary conditions for healthy child development and wellbeing. The Brighter Futures program is delivered by DoCS and non-government agencies working in partnership to support children and families. This is the first interim report of an evaluation of the Brighter Futures program . The evaluation comprises 4 components: • A results evaluation that examines whether the program is meeting the needs and improving the longer term outcomes for children and families who participate. • A process evaluation that will examine implementation and administration of the program. Data sources are the minimum dataset and observation site evaluation data collection (interviews, observation, participation and discussion) • An economic evaluation that will analyse the outcome and cost data from the results and process evaluation data sources described above and model long term outcomes that will produce a cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis; and • An intensive research study that will explore how the program can better meet the needs of Indigenous families.
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