Homeless Young People and Commonwealth-State Policies and Services: A Victorian Case Study

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In 1992, the Social Policy Research Centre published the report, Homelessness, Wardship and Commonwealth-State Relations. That report by the authors of the current report was the outcome of a study commissioned by the Department of Social Security in which the Centre was asked to examine the changing balance and fit between Commonwealth and State programs in meeting the needs of homeless young people, with a particular focus on wards of the state. It reviewed changing policies and practices at that time, and featured policy case studies of Queensland and South Australia. This report is the result of a further study of policies and services affecting young people, again commissioned by the Department of Social Security, focused this time on the situation in Victoria. The study has used similar procedures to those used earlier, including the examination of policy documents and legislation in the area and the analysis of data on programs available to young people. Interviews were also conducted with people in relevant government and non-government bodies. In addition, the research reported upon here, the authors conducted interviews with a number of homeless young people themselves.
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