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Whilst looms have been mechanised since the 19th century, there has generally been a strong focus on commercial processes and outcomes. However, now with digital technology driving Jacquard looms, they have become more readily available to individual artists. This loom has 17000 warp threads which can each be individually manipulated, giving the user overwhelming control and variability of options allowing for intricate patterns, constructions and variances. The Repair and Darn series by Liz Williamson originated with garments sourced from various collections: childhood, mothers’ repairs and museum collections, focusing on the process of repairs and darning, an area with very little contemporary research or creative response. These pieces were subsequently photographed, scanned, reworked, and translated into new objects. The resulting garments are removed from their original wearable function existing now as small wall pieces in a standardised square or rectangular format. The significance of the Repair and Darn series is evidenced by their inclusion in multiple exhibitions including: Liz Williamson: Living Treasures, Object, Sydney and touring; Material Culture: Aspects of contemporary Australian craft and design, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Placemark, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney; The City of Perth Craft Award 2002, Craftwest Centre for Contemporary Craft, Perth, un wrapped: Australian fashion and textile design, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo, VIC and touring Asia.
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Williamson, Elizabeth Blanche
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