The arming of Australia : the politics and administration of Australia's self containment strategy for munitions supply 1901-1945

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The problem investigated by this thesis is the Self Containment Policy for munitions supply in Australia 1901-1945. The thesis examines how the policy was applied, and whether it succeeded in its goal of securing munitions supply in Australia during a major conflict. The procedures followed have been to examine the records of the Department of Defence, the Department of Supply and Development, and the Department of Munitions. The records of other federal government departments were also investigated to supplement the documentary record contained in the first three departments. Personal papers in the Australian War Memorial, and National Library of Australia were also utilised to fill in gaps in knowledge. A significant number of personal interviews with surviving figures of the Self Containment Policy were also a valuable source of information. Newspapers were used sparingly. The Self Containment Policy was hardly ever a public issue, and was usually incorrectly reported by the public media. Secondary published sources were not especially helpful. The Self Containment Policy has never been of much interest to historians and scholars. It has been possible to write a detailed account of the politics and administration of the Self Containment Policy. The policy as administered by the Munitions Supply Board, was well thought out, and ultimately successful in supplying the quantity and quality of munitions required for the defence of Australia during the Second World War.
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