Positively Skewed Data: Revisiting the Box-Cox Power Transformation Olivier, Jake en_US Norberg, Melissa en_US 2021-11-25T12:24:07Z 2021-11-25T12:24:07Z 2010 en_US
dc.description.abstract Although the normal probability distribution is the cornerstone of applying statistical methodology; data do not always meet the necessary normal distribution assumptions. In these cases, researchers often transform non normal data to a distribution that is approximately normal. Power transformations constitute a family of transformations, which include logarithmic and fractional exponent transforms. The Box-Cox method offers a simple method for choosing the most appropriate power transformation. Another option for data that is positively skewed, often used when measuring reaction times, is the Ex-Gaussian distribution which is a combination of the exponential and normal distributions. In this paper, the Box-Cox power transformation and Ex-Gaussian distribution will be discussed and compared in the context of positively skewed data. This discussion will demonstrate that the Box-Cox power transformation is simpler to apply and easier to interpret than the Ex-Gaussian distribution. en_US
dc.identifier.issn 2011-2079 en_US
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dc.rights CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 en_US
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dc.subject.other ex-Gaussian distribution en_US
dc.subject.other Logarithmic transformations en_US
dc.subject.other geometric mean analysis en_US
dc.subject.other log-normal distribution en_US
dc.title Positively Skewed Data: Revisiting the Box-Cox Power Transformation en_US
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unsw.relation.ispartofjournal International Journal of Psychological Research en_US
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unsw.relation.originalPublicationAffiliation Olivier, Jake, Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science, UNSW en_US
unsw.relation.originalPublicationAffiliation Norberg, Melissa, National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW en_US School of Mathematics & Statistics * NDARC *
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