Diary of Social Legislation and Policy 1984

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This Diary summarises the legislative and administrative changes made in the social policy field during 1984 by the Commonwealth government and by some of the State governments. It provides a ready reference for research workers, and can also be used as a succinct and factual account of policy during the year. The Diary follows the format of the 'd iaries' prepared by Helen Ferber and published in R. B. Scotton and Helen Ferber (eds) , Public Expenditures and Social Policy in Australia (2 volumes, Melbourne, Longman Cheshire, 1978 and 1980). These 'diaries' covered the years 1972 to 1978. The first Diary in the present series covered events for the calendar year 1980, with the events of each year since then being covered by an annual Diary, copies of which are available from the sponsoring Institutes and Centre. Events for the calendar year 1979 were recorded in supplements to the first three issues of the present series. In addition to Commonwealth legislation and events, this Diary attempts to cover the main policy changes at State level in the fields of social security and welfare. It has not, however, proved possible to obtain complete coverage for all fields and all States, and it is unlikely that State policy will be included in future issues.
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