Liz Williamson woven in Asia

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In 2001 UNESCO invited artisans from 14 different countries to participate and teach in the cultural conference, ‘Vital Design’. Held over 3 weeks, the workshop explored issues of design, textiles, weaving, dying, promoting and packaging for traditional communities, specifically with the intent of expanding their repertoire of weaving and design patterns in order to generating income from the resulting products. In response to working specifically with weavers from Cambodia, India and Vietnam, textile artist Liz Williamson designed the Liz Williamson woven in Asia series that is now created by these communities. By identifying the specific needs within these groups, the subsequent designs are both practical and financially beneficial, enabling individuals to generate an income, including West Bangalore weavers who now create pieces for fair trade. This works demonstrates significance through the use of design as a practical and socially beneficial undertaking. The Liz Williamson woven in Asia series has been exhibited in Smartworks: Design and the Handmade at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and solo touring exhibition Liz Williamson: Living Treasures, Object and regional galleries throughout NSW and QLD.
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Williamson, Elizabeth Blanche
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