Students' Motivation, Learning Experiences and Learning Style Preferences

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the motivational factors, learning experiences and learning-style preferences of the learners of Korean at an Australian College in Sydney. In addition to investigating these aspects, the survey will examine views on cultural components which should be placed in the language program and the learners’ first image or impression of Korea and Korean people. To this end the study is divided into the following sections: 1. Reasons for the Study of Korean Language, 2. Learning Experience and Expectation, 3. Learning-Style Preferences, and 4. First Image or Impression of Korea and Korean People This study explores and attempts to answer the following questions: What particular reasons or motivations does the group in the survey have for learning Korean? Does the group have a willingness to become a member of a/the Korean ethno-linguistic group or just wish to gain social or economic advantages? Does this group have the flexibility or desire to learn about Korean culture? What aspects of learning activities are most or least enjoyable in the Korean classes? What preferred ways of learning does this group have? What social distance or cultural closeness does this group perceive in relation to Korea and Korean people? Answers to all these questions will have implications in three areas: promoting the type of Korean language program, organizing the language and socio-cultural content in the program, and the practicality of the curriculum process.
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Shin, Seong-Chul
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