Infrastructure for problem-based collaborative research: Aligning research, policy and practice

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The paper outlines a model for eResearch infrastructure designed to support collaborative and problem-based research comprising partners and stakeholders from various disciplines as well as government, industry and community-based organisations. Its implementation on a Fedora-based repository system which aggregates, stores, articulates relationships between, and disseminates resources associated with Australian social science research in HIV and related diseases is demonstrated. The model has been developed to bridge the gap between eResearch infrastructure capabilities and established collaborative research practice in various disciplinary fields. Underpinning the design is the proposition that eResearch facilities will be optimally used if they fit seamlessly with existing workflows and practices of researchers, and that alignment of research with policy and practice is best achieved if collaborators are able to access and share resources in a timely and efficient manner. The open Fedora-based repository contains metadata and digital objects for research and policy publications, conference presentations, health promotion campaign resources and media reportage relating to Australian social and policy research in HIV and related diseases. The presentation provides an overview of the content model, including methods for identifying and displaying relationships and for aggregating material in the repository. The implementation outlined in the paper advances significant Australian social and policy research by providing an integrated research facility for the curation, sharing, re-use and exchange of resources required by academic, government and community-based partners throughout the research process..
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