Compliance, Determinants and Value Relevance of IFRS Disclosures in Australia: Are Disclosure Requirements Excessive? Saha, Amitav en_US 2022-03-15T11:09:06Z 2022-03-15T11:09:06Z 2015 en_US
dc.description.abstract Despite the positive effects of the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) noted in the literature, standard-setters have recently issued reports suggesting that the required disclosures in IFRS have become too burdensome and should be reduced. One such report, “Losing the Excess Baggage” (2011; also referred to as “Excess Baggage”), issued by professional accounting bodies from Scotland and New Zealand, classifies current IFRS disclosure requirements into three categories: retain; delete; and disclose only if the item is material. The thesis empirically examines whether the items targeted for deletion, retention or reduction based on materiality by Excess Baggage are disclosed differently, linked differently to firm characteristics, and have different value relevance in an Australian setting. Findings indicate that items marked retain are disclosed most, followed by material, then by delete items. Firm characteristics, such as US listing status, and ownership dispersion, are positively associated with disclosure levels. In addition, while only the material disclosure items are value relevant, the presence of disclosures based on all categories has a moderating effect on value relevance of book value of equity. en_US
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dc.title Compliance, Determinants and Value Relevance of IFRS Disclosures in Australia: Are Disclosure Requirements Excessive? en_US
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