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The present paper describes the newly introduced BE Civil with Architecture degree in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW, the process that lead to the establishment of the Program, and its benefits to the education of future Civil Engineers. This is an innovative multi-disciplinary single undergraduate degree with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Architecture completed within “four years”. The core of the Civil Engineering Program is maintained and supplemented with almost a full year of courses from the Faculty of the Built Environment which are taught in a multidisciplinary environment. The aims of this Program are to provide an appreciation of architectural principles, an understanding of both the architect's role in construction, the interaction between architects and engineers, and the importance of ethics, sustainability and the creation of unique innovative design. The ultimate objective is to help students become conceptual thinkers, inspired by beautiful creations to build even better ones, to develop an appreciation for beauty with the mathematical ability to challenge the traditional boundaries of engineering design. It is envisaged that the students graduating from this BE degree will be well qualified to collaborate with architects and other professionals in the built environment to produce integrated, sustainable design.
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Vrcelj, Zora
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