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Site-specific sculpture requires a relationship to, and acknowledgement of, the environment in which it is placed. This is not always the case and works often become something to move around rather than engage with. This research investigates, through the use of functional objects within public spaces, issues of culture and history, in relation to materiality. River Repose is a large-scale, marble sculpture produced for permanent display in Hue, Vietnam. The work, a throne-like seat, is positioned next to the river and functions as both a resting place for the body as well as referencing the power, aesthetics, history and culture found within the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam. The materials of the sculpture acknowledge the Buddhist stone architecture of the region and Hue’s history as a royal city. River Repose was exhibited at the Third International Sculpture Symposium, Hue Festival, Hue, Vietnam sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. The works significance is further evidenced by the following articles: Lecht, S. World Sculpture News Magazine, Vol 8, No 4, 2002; Lecht, S. ‘Impressions of Hue, 2002, catalogue essay, Third International Sculpture Symposium, 2002, p104-106; Quan, N. ‘Hue 2002 – Strong Impressions’, catalogue essay, Impressions of Hue, Third International Sculpture Symposium, 2002, p102-3; Minh Tu, L. ‘sculptors plant their work in statue garden’, Viet Nam News, 5 May 2002, p 8; Catalogue, ‘Impressions of Hue, 2002’, Third International Sculpture Symposium, Hue, Vietnam.
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