Retirement Income for Australians: An Annotated Bibliography

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This bibliography is concerned with a number of aspects covering the provision of retirement income in Australia, including issues related to pensions, superannuation and private income. It covers works published in Australia or about the Australian situation, mainly since 1980. However, some earlier works are included, because of their seminal nature. These relate mainly to the work of the National Superannuation Committee of Inquiry which sat in the mid-seventies and produced two major reports which have influenced discussion of retirement income over the following years. Various Senate committees have also conducted inquiries (the Senate Standing Committee on Social Welfare, the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs and then the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation) only some of whose reports are included in the bibliography. The latter committee was established in 1991, reappointed in 1993. In June 1993 it published its seventh report, Super Inquiry Overview which outlines the themes identified in the inquiry to date. It also describes and analyses the strategies and procedures used in addressing the terms of reference, discusses the rise of interest in the subject and lists key developments. It lists the reports and papers presented by the committee to the Senate during its lifetime and names some other inquiries which were set up in the meantime. The many aspects of the subject which have been broadly covered in the entries are defined in more detail in the Keyword Index which follows the body of the bibliography. Areas not comprehensively covered include issues concerned with the management of superannuation funds and with the effects of superannuation and other retirement savings on the level of national savings.
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