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Accurate transnational identification, tracking and surveillance of falcons is a matter of historic and contemporary concern in the Middle East and West Asia. Considerable research has been carried out to control the cross-border falcon trade and to conserve the sub-species of these animals. Conversely, the contemporary place of portraiture, and of reproductive technologies, in these predominately Islamic cultures offers a unique intersection of western technology with traditional Islamic culture. This research explores problems connected to photographic identification within the emerging field of animal passports and cross-border security via an investigation of the falcon in the Arabian Gulf, offering a unique approach to the visual representation of the non-human body. The Azure series consist of 27 large-scale mural metallic photographic images that investigate the aesthetic importance of animal portraiture and the scientific underpinnings and relevance of biometric facial recognition as applied to animals, specifically avian species. Through the application of innovative photographic and biometric imaging techniques the work offers first comprehensive study of the animal portrait as an agent of verifiable identity as applied to surveillance and authenticity. This project solves photographic identification problems associated with the emerging concept of animal passports. Using technical innovation in order to interrogate the shifting status of the animal body and associated codes of representation and conventions of photographic portraiture within Western and Oriental photography. The significance of the Azure series is demonstrated by their acquisition by the MCA, Sydney, display in solo shows at the United Arab Emirates Cultural Foundation, UAE and Sherman Galleries, Sydney and inclusion in the group exhibition The Artist Abroad at the ACP, Sydney.
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Roberts-Goodwin, Lynne
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