Unemployment in Australia: An Annotated Bibliography 1978-83

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This bibliography is compiled from the references consulted and collected in the course of work which resulted in publications in the Reports and Proceedings of the Social Welfare Research Centre by the team working on unemployment issues. This is a compilation of Australian material. A few items of a very general nature which are not Australian have been included, but no attempt has been made to present a representative collection of non-Australian citations. The works cited have been published in the period 1978-1983 with only one or two exceptions. One criterion for inclusion is accessibility of the material, although newspaper articles are not cited. The items included are whole books, chapters of books, journal articles, pamphlets, even posters. No attempt has been made to cite unpublished material (theses, submissions, unpublished conference papers for instance) even when we know that they make contributions to the subject. Unemployment is the central issue of the bibliography, but the field is wide. The collection began from an interest in social welfare but is drawn from a variety of academic disciplines including economics, psychology, sociology, law, social work, geography, engineering and from a number of areas of activity such as universities, government departments and agencies, the women's movement and a variety of welfare and community service organisations. Inclusion has been on an impartial basis; the material has not been 'selected' and presents varying perspectives..
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