Social Policy in Australia: What Future for the Welfare State? Proceedings of National Social Policy Conference, Sydney, 5-7 July 1989, Volume 2: Concurrent Sessions, Contributions from Social Policy Research Centre

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This report contains papers presented to the National Social Policy Conference held at the University of New South Wales from 5-7 July 1989. The overall theme of the Conference was, 'Social Policy in Australia: What Future for the Welfare State?' The Conference was structured around the following five specific themes: i) The Ideology, Philosophy and Political Environment of Social Policy ii) The Economic Environment of Social Policy iii) Income Maintenance and Income Security iv) Community Resources and Services v) From Policy to Practice Six reports of the conference proceedings were published in the Social Policy Research Centre Reports and Proceedings series with the following numbers and titles: No. 79 Volume 1: Plenary Sessions edited by Peter Saunders and Adam Jamrozik. No. 80 Volume 2: Concurrent Sessions. Contributions form the Social Policy Research Centre. edited by Peter Saunders. No. 81 Volume 3: Concurrent Sessions. The Ideology, Philosophy and Political Environment of Social Policy, edited by Adam Jamrozik. No. 82 Volume 4: Concurrent Sessions. Social Policies in Australia and New Zealand, edited by Russell Ross. No. 83 Volume 5: Concurrent Sessions. Income Maintenance and Income Security, edited by Peter Whiteford. No. 84 Volume 6: Concurrent Sessions. Community Services: Policy and Practice, edited by Sara Graham. This particular report contains a selection of papers presented at the Conference by staff of the Social Policy Research Centre. The variety of topics addressed in these papers illustrate the breadth of the Centre’s current research agenda. The papers in this report address broad social policy issues relating to poverty, inequality, the role of community services, public opinion and the history of the welfare state, as well as more specific issues in child care, disability, health services and the labour market.
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