A Brackish Landscape 2003

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Current international printmaking research has seen developments in the depiction of identity through the use metaphor in personal narratives. This research also explores the distinctive and defining quality of social and satirical modes of expression using vernacular urban forms and motifs. Michael Kempson’s creative practice-based research combines narrative convention with the vernacular tradition of Mughal miniature painting. It also conjoins the social-satirical forms of Regency period intaglio prints to contemporary graphic methods. The etching A Brackish Landscape, 2005 by Michael Kempson is part of a body of work thematically titled ‘Wanderings’. It extends narrative form by incorporating several conceptual components; utilising contrasting visual elements; referencing and parodying historically significant fine art motifs; and questioning social structures and protocols. It produces new knowledge about the art historical links between different eras of printmaking: such as Regency and contemporary graphic design. Evidence of the value of this practice-based research is attested to by the following indicators: selection of the print for inclusion in a broadly representative exhibition of Australian prints seen for the first time in Thailand which examined recent developments in Printmaking practice in this country and was shown at the Chiangmai University Art Museum in the North of Thailand. This project led directly to an invitation to exhibit at the National Gallery of Thailand in Bangkok in 2008.
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Kempson, Michael
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