The Evaluation of Community Options in New South Wales

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The Community Options Program, initiated by the Federal Government in 1986, is an innovative approach to the care of dependent frail elderly people and people with complex care needs. It aims to plan services around the needs of clients rather than expecting individuals to fit into established service patterns. The opportunity to take part in a national evaluation of the program (by carrying out the evaluation in New South Wales) was welcomed by the Centre which is becoming increasingly involved in research in the area• of community care as well as developing its skills in the growing field of evaluative studies. The evaluation discussed in this Report was wide ranging, not only in terms of the geographical area and the number of projects involved but also in the number of issues addressed. The evaluation considered Community Options in New South Wales from three perspectives: that of people working in the projects as service coordinators or case managers; that of the clients or consumers of the services provided by Community Options; and that of other local providers of community services with whom Community Options interacts.
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