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This research continues an ongoing investigation into the disciplinary limits of sound production and composition. These limits, which have their foundation in the institutional and disciplinary setting of the European musical tradition, draw a stark divide between instrumental and non-traditional musical elements. This work collapses these boundaries enabling it to draw on non-musical elements and, alongside traditional instrumentation, treat them for their musical qualities. Just For Show, an interactive soundtrack for a dance theatre production by U.K dance company DV8, utilised current technologies in order to push the limits of both choreography and sound design. New virtual technologies including digital triggering and light sensors were deployed so that the choreography could be coordinated with the sound and lighting design. Traditional musical elements, such as a cello, were integrated along with typically non-musical elements, such as air-conditioning units, as part of a process of extending the relationship between music and sound design. The significance of the work is demonstrated by its commission for the play Just For Show by DV8 Physical Theatre, London. The show was positively reviewed including such comments as ‘almost obscenely good-looking’ The Guardian, UK ; ‘Liedtke is the show’s compere, a beautiful golden thread that holds together 75 minutes of a virtual wonderland’ Ballet Magazine, UK.
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Hunt, Simon David
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