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As the purpose of holographic displays moves away from the replication of existent objects towards the synthetic/creative content, holographic images call increasingly upon conventions of pictorial style as well as the tacit perception of beholders for their successful interpretation. There is a lack of holographic resources which would enable comparative analysis between the use of specific qualities such as reflectivity in traditional and holographic media. Luminous Presence by Paula Dawson is a 1x1.5 meter digital hologram composed of thousands of frames of 3D computer graphic images, which demonstrates through animation of surface fragmentation, transparency and reflectivity, a comparison with the "scintillating" effects of gilded panel painting and gold mosaic in early Italian art. The range and type of reflectivity over the planar, concave and convex surfaces of the architectural interior, the five figures placed at different depths within the image volume and the reflective particles in the air demonstrate clearly that the historic pictorial vocabulary of scintillation can be encompassed and extended though holographic media. Luminous Presence is the outcome of Discovery Project Luminous Presence DP0452144ARC. At the invitation of the Director of Global Eyes, SIGGRAPH 2007, Luminous Presence was seen by approximately 20,000 delegates at the International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, San Diego, 2007. Dawson gave a paper on the research ‘Composing Mosaic Holograms’, in The International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), Vol 5290 Practical Holography XVIII: Materials and Applications, San Jose, CA., USA, (2004).
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Dawson, Paula
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