Family Care of Elderly People: Policy Issues

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This monograph is the third of three reports on Family Care of Elderly People in Australia. The first, published as number 23 in the Centre's Reports and Proceedings series, examined theoretical issues in family care and reported results from the first stage of a three State survey. The second, published as number 38, reported the data from the full study, with descriptive rather than analytical comment. This final report recapitulates and examines the policy issues involved in dealing with the problems and issues identified in the course of the research. Given the policy importance of the issues at stake, it was decided that, before a final monograph was prepared, a working seminar of government officers and consumer representatives would be held. This seminar which involved representatives from all Australian states was held earlier this year. The Commonwealth Minister for Health, Dr Neal Blewett made a grant available to the SWRC to assist with the costs involved. At that seminar, the findings of the study were reported and the discussion focused on the circumstances of elderly people unable to live in the community without some support and of those who provide care for them in the same household. Policies addressing these circumstances were examined from the perspective of those at the seminar. In this monograph Chris Rossiter very ably summarises the issues involved, and the theoretical underpinnings of 'community care' policies and practices, before examining the range of potential responses to the problems highlighted. Not all responses are necessarily implementable, for implementation cannot exist in a vacuum, but rather is part of a broader policy context.
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