Resident Support Program Evaluation Plan

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This plan outlines the methodology for the evaluation of the Resident Support Program (RSP) in Queensland in 2004. The evaluation will research the process of implementation of this program, the services provided to residents by the contracted support providers, residents perceptions of the appropriateness of these services and impact on their quality of life, health and wellbeing, and the impact on residential facility operators and staff and other human services providers and Departments. The evaluation will also review the cost effectiveness of the program to make recommendations to inform future resource allocation. The longitudinal aspect of the evaluation enables a research partnership between the researchers and the program stakeholders. The researchers will work closely with the program, progressively providing research findings to inform improvements in the development and management of the program, while also transferring data for evaluation. The researchers will also work closely with stakeholders including those within DSQ, other state government departments, providers, operators and residents. RSP is part of the larger residential services reform strategy. The design and conduct of the evaluation takes account of the complexities of these larger contextual changes. Sensitivity to the potential effects of reform on access to support and accommodation for residents, economic impact on funders and providers and the cost shifting impact on other services will be acknowledged as the context of the evaluation.
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Abello, David
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