Sustainable Visions: The future for lighting design, case studies from Australia

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The consequence of the continuous growth economy and the un-sustainability of products have forced designers to re-think their design practice in order to create a more balanced environment. Nowhere is this more evident than in lighting design. The National efforts to reduce green house gas emissions has meant that the future of lighting in Australia is about to undergo transformation. A major driver for this is the implementation of Australian commonwealth government legislation, which will phase out incandescent lamps by 2009. The key concerns identified in lighting design practice are: sustainability, recycling, new technologies, aesthetics and placement. This paper highlights the desirability of partnering the lighting industry with education in order to produce sustainable lighting solutions. In developing a framework for this scenario, a second year undergraduate lighting studio was employed. The intention of the project was to develop student understanding of technology, sustainability and product placement within an architectural environment. By embedding opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals outside of the university they develop awareness of social and cultural issues surrounding architectural lighting design. The outcomes of this collaboration will be discussed and suggestions for future approaches to lighting design in Australia will be highlighted in order to close the loop between industry practitioners, education and associated supply networks.
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Clarke, Karina
Kyriakou, Mary-Anne
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