Development of Metal Halide Perovskites for Memristor Applications

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In the last decades, resistive switching (RS) has burgeoned as a promising option for next-generation non-volatile memory applications. RS devices generally have a two-terminal metal-insulator-metal structure, where a variety of novel materials have been employed as the insulator layer. Among them, halide perovskites have drawn extensive attention owing to their superb physical and electronic properties, including ambipolar carries transport, low defect density, tunable bandgap, long diffusion length, and so on. In this thesis, halide perovskites-based RS devices have been developed, and their electrical properties are tuned by engineering the intrinsic defects and interfaces. The thesis includes the following two parts: (1) The first ion-redistribution-induced interface-type memory based on hybrid perovskite is developed and fabricated. Owing to the movable vacancies in the perovskite film, we can reliably modulate the height of the Schottky barrier at the MAPbBr3/ITO interface, leading to an interface-type RS memory with better stability compared to filament counterpart. (2) Conventional photodetectors are only able to record a temporary optical signal but require additional memory devices to further store the output. In our work, an artificial iconic memory device is fabricated with a multiplayer structure of ITO/MAPbBr3/Au/MAPbBr3/Ag, composed of the series-connected photodetector and RS devices. The incident light can modulate the voltage distribution, and then the information is stored as the states of the RS memory. Overall, this thesis presents facile and cost-efficient methods to fabricate halide perovskites devices for potential RS applications. The systematic study on the modification of RS behavior of halide perovskites devices might give a better understanding of the RS mechanisms and provide routes to enhancing the device performance.
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