Poverty and Aspects of Inequality in Australia: An Annotated Bibliography,1963-1987

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This report is the third to appear in the Social Welfare Research Centre's Research Resource Series. It is an annotated bibliography of material published in Australia which relates to poverty and certain aspects of inequality. Concern about poverty in Australia has been increasing since the time of the earliest entries here which cite works published in the early 1960s. That concern has been reflected in the enquiries and reviews established by governments (notably the Poverty Inquiry in 1972 and the Social Security Review in 1986) and in the amount of research undertaken and the number of conferences which have been organised around the theme of poverty in recent years. Research into the economic and social aspects of poverty, including its measurement, causes and consequences is a major focus of the current research agenda of the Centre. So too, is the assessment of government policy in this area and the consideration and analysis of alternative policies. This bibliography draws together the material which has been published in this key area of social policy and should be a useful resource for those whose work continues to focus on the subject.
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