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  • (2010) Brener, Loren; Von Hippel, William; Kippax, Susan; Preacher, Kristopher
    Journal Article
    In 2005, 60 health care workers were recruited through services that attract injecting drug users (IDUs) and asked to complete attitude measures regarding IDU clients. Mediation analyses indicated that conservative health care workers displayed more negative attitudes toward their IDU clients because they believe that injecting drug use is within the control of the IDU. Negative attitudes toward IDU clients, in turn, were associated with worry about IDU clients' behavior in the clinic and with beliefs that IDU clients should disclose their hepatitis C status to their health care worker. Perceptions of controllability of drug use were also associated with the belief that IDU clients' ailments were caused by their IDU status. The study's limitations are noted.

  • (2007) Brener, Loren; Von Hippel, William; Kippax, Susan
    Journal Article
    The current research measured explicit (self-reported) and implicit (or unconscious) attitudes of health care workers and their drug injecting clients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) toward each other, and the association of these attitudes with contact. Sixty health care workers and 120 of their clients with HCV acquired from injecting drug use were administered attitude measures to determine whether greater contact with HCV positive clients would result in more favourable attitudes on the part of health care workers toward these clients, and also on the part of these clients towards their health care workers. Findings suggest that increased contact with clients with HCV is associated with more favourable explicit attitudes and more negative implicit attitudes among health care workers toward injecting drug users. Health care workers who had greater contact with HCV positive clients also had HCV positive clients who held more favourable explicit attitudes toward health care workers, but contact was uncorrelated with implicit attitudes of clients toward health care workers. (C) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  • (2006) Cooper, M; Morris, Richard
    Journal Article