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  • (1998) Shin, Seong-Chul; Lee, S-O; Park, D-S
    Book Chapter
    This study intends primarily to identify some major restrictions in meaning in the concord relationships between words. The materials presented in this study have been collected from various sources such as Korean course books and textbooks for foreign learners, Korean language learners' essays and composition, bilingual dictionaries and everyday language. The study identifies five semantic restrictions such as restriction in usage of words and discusses each case.

  • (2001) Shin, Seong-Chul; Ahn, H-D; Kim, N-K
    Book Chapter
    This paper aims to overview the current practices of Korean language education in Australian secondary schools, by looking at policies, curriculum, and a number of issues concerning implementation of the programs. The areas that have been investigated include: rationale for the Korean language program and its goal; curriculum; course books and teaching materials; teacher training and methodology; teaching facilities; number of students; governmental support; attitudes of students; and problem area. The paper concludes with a series of suggestions for improvement.