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  • (2012) Mendelssohn, Joanna; Keys-Statham, Christiane; Sinclair, Emily
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    This issue of Artwrite addresses all four goals of the National Cultural Policy. It mirrors the diversity of a 21st century Australia; it uses both established and emerging technologies in its development and distribution; it supports excellence in writing, thinking and expression; it tells Australian stories that will be shared online and furthered abroad by our international students; and it strengthens the arts’ contribution to the economy by forming part of our training to become future arts administrators, managers, artists and writers.

  • (2012) Mendelssohn, Joanna; Ahmad, Imran; Bradshaw, Lydia; Buncel, David; Day, Helen; Dugan, Bronwen; Larenas Fierro, Carolina V.; Schmidt, Tine; Jensen, Haislund; Lewis, Eric; Lien, Julie; McKay, Georgia; Meagher, Toby; Nowell, Liz; Palmer, Amanda; Robinson, Alexander; Shi, Catherine; Shkreli, Lahuta Lumi Lila; Stephenson, Jenny; Stevens, Greta; Mengyin, Sun; Vollmer, Cassandra; Wilson, Erin; Worrall, Sarah; Cheng, Xu
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    This issue of Artwrite is the collective effort of students studying the Master of Art Administration in the College of Fine Arts, UNSW working under the direction of Associate Professor Joanna Mendelssohn

  • (2011) Mendelssohn, Joanna; Pether, Nina; Hillyer, Megan
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    Artwrite is a collaborative, student-run magazine produced by Art Administration students at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. In this edition, our writers delve deep into issues of accessibility in the arts.‘Community engagement’, ‘social inclusion’ and ‘diversifying and developing audiences’ are phrases increasingly used by practicing arts professionals everywhere, and we examine just what is being done both locally, and globally, to bring about such changes.

  • (2005) Best, Susan
    Journal Article

  • (1992) Chandler, Paul Allan

  • (2001) McGill, Virginia