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  • (2000) Bandyopadhyay, Srikanta; Gowripalan, Nadarajah; Drayton, Noel; Heslehurst, Rikard
    Conference Paper

  • (2007) Churches, Alex; Green, Cliff; Field, Bruce; Wightley, Allan; Green, Lance; van de Loo, Paul; Burvill, Colin; Smith, Warren; Snook, Chris
    Conference Paper

  • (2006) Pota, Hemanshu R.; Athanasius, Germane Xavier; Ugrinovskii, Valery; Li, Li
    Conference Paper
    This paper addresses the problem of designing a decentralized control of interconnected power systems, with OLTC and SVCs, under large changes in real and reactive loads that cause large structural changes in the system model. In addition to this, small changes in load are regulated by small disturbance controllers whose gains are adjusted for variations in power system model due to large changes in loads. The only feedback needed by subsystem controllers is the state of the subsystem itself. The design is carried out within a large-scale Markov jump parameter systems framework. In this paper, unlike other control schemes, OLTC transformers are used to damp power-angle oscillations. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance of the designed controller.