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  • (1998) Bradley, Peter; Rozenfeld, Anatoly; Lee, Kevin; Jamieson, Dana; Heiser, Gernot; Satoh, S
    Journal Article
    The first results obtained using a SOI device for microdosimetry applications are presented. Microbeam and broadbeam spectroscopy methods are used for determining minority carrier lifetime and radiation damage constants. A spectroscopy model is presented which includes the majority of effects that impact spectral resolution. Charge collection statistics were found to substantially affect spectral resolution. Lateral diffusion effects significantly complicate charge collection

  • (1995) Heiser, Gernot; Altermatt, Peter; Williams, Angela-Margaret; Sproul, Alistair; Green, Martin
    Conference Paper
    This paper describes the use of three-dimensional (3D) device modelling for the optimisation of the rear contact geometry of high-efficiency silicon solar cells. We describe the techniques and models used as well as their limitations. Our approach is contrasted with previously published 3D studies of high-efficiency silicon solar cells. Results show that the optimum spacing is about 2/3 of that predicted by 2D simulations, and exhibits a much stronger dependence on contact spacing. The optimal value found is about 60% of that of the present UNSW PERL cells, however, the possible efficiency gain is only about 0.1% absolute.

  • (1998) Nipperess, Joe; Baldry, Eileen
    The following report is a detailed description of the Indigenous Australian content of thirteen BSW courses offered at various Australian Universities. The content descriptions were collected and summarised by Joe Nipperess, a fourth year social work student, from information kindly sent by various staff members at those universities and was checked back with those staff members for accuracy. Most of the respondents returned the material with some changes which were incorporated; a small number did not reply. There may be some inaccuracies therefore in some segments. If so, please accept our apologies. Please inform us of any changes needed.

  • (1996) Yu, David; Munroe, Paul; Bandyopadhyay, Srikanta; Mouritz, A
    Journal Article
    The microstructural development during annealing of a cold-deformed 6061Al metal matrix composite (MMC) reinforced with either 3 or 20 mgrm diameter SiC particles has been investigated. The composites were compressed to low (< 10%) levels of strain and then annealed at either 350 or 450°C for different times. Microstructure examination was carried out by transmission electron microscopy and optical microscopy. The results reveal that prior grain boundaries and constituent particles are the dominant sites for recrystallization in both composites, although some nucleation was observed adjacent to the larger SiC particles. The concurrent presence of Mg2Si precipitates affected the progress of recrystallization.

  • (1998) Wilson, William Hulme; Halford, Graeme S
    Conference Paper
    This paper describes experiments on on the robustness of tensor product networks using distributed representations, for recall tasks. The results of the experiments indicate, among other things, that the degree of robustness increases with the number of binding units and decreases with the fraction of the space of possible facts that have been taught to the network. Mean recall scores decrease linearly with the proportion of binding units inactivated, and recall score variance depends linearly on number of binding units and on number of facts taught to the network.

  • (1995) Wilson, William Hulme
    Conference Paper
    This paper concerns a class of recurrent neural networks related to Elman networks (simple recurrent networks) and Jordan networks and a class of feedforward networks architecturally similar to Waibel’s TDNNs. The recurrent nets used herein, unlike standard Elman/Jordan networks, may have more than one state vector. It is known that such multi-state Elman networks have better learning performance on certain tasks than standard Elman networks of similar weight complexity. The task used involves learning the graphotactic structure of a sample of about 400 English words. Learning performance was tested using regimes in which the state vectors are, or are not, zeroed between words: the former results in larger minimum total error, but without the large oscillations in total error observed when the state vectors are not periodically zeroed. Learning performance comparisons of the three classes of network favour the feedforward nets.

  • (1994) Henry, RL; Hankin, RG; Cruickshank, D; Henry, D; Halliday, JA
    Journal Article

  • (1996) Griffin, T; Jones, J; Stevens, D; Henry, RL
    Journal Article

  • (1997) Collins, CE; Murray, C; Vangelov, B; Henry, RL
    Journal Article