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  • (2011) Bailin, Kylie
    Journal Article
    As the digital environment continues to become more pervasive in our lives, academic libraries have had to adapt to ensure that services remain relevant to users’ needs. Research was conducted to examine the 2009-2011 refurbishment at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Library and evaluate its success in meeting users' needs in terms of space and place, while also suggesting areas for improvement. The investigation used structured interviews to gauge students’ satisfaction with the Library’s space and/or facilities. Findings are explored under the following themes: collaborative study; individual study; spatial design; social space; technology; noise levels; and Help Zone. This research shows that users still require a physical space and the Library is highly valued as a place to congregate and study as it offers a welcoming and well designed environment with modern facilities.

  • (2009) Neil, Alison Jean
    Journal Article
    ‘The mission of Portico is to preserve scholarly literature published in electronic form and to ensure that these materials remain accessible to future scholars, researchers, and students.’ Although you may never want to call on its services, Portico can provide insurance for libraries who want to know that their financial commitment is being protected. The Portico Holdings Comparison service is a simple way to check your collection against the Portico archive and have some peace of mind that access to a definable portion of your collection has been insured. The University of New South Wales Library has provided information on what happened when they used the comparison services in the beginning of 2008 and then again after some modifications in the beginning of 2009.