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  • (1997) Mortiss, Genevieve Catherine
    A notion of entropy is defined for the non-singular action of finite co-ordinate changes on X - the infinite product of two-point spaces. This quantity - average co-ordinate or AC entropy - is calculated for product measures and G-measures on X, and an equivalence relation is established for which AC entropy is an invariant. The Inverse Vitali Lemma is discussed in a measure preserving context, and it is shown that for a certain class of measures on X known as odometer bounded, the result will still hold for odometer actions. The foundations for a non-singular version of Rudolph's restricted orbit equivalence are established, and a size for non-singular orbit equivalence is introduced. It is shown that provided the Inverse Vitali Lemma still holds, the non-singular orbit equivalence classes can be described using this new size.