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  • (2020) O'Neill, Daniel
    This thesis examines the impacts of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology on residential microgrid environments. EVs are rapidly growing technology which play a major role in lowering Greenhouse-gas emissions in the transport sector. Additionally, EVs can also reduce emissions in the energy sector while also improving grid stability. This can be implemented by V2G technology supporting variable renewable generation (as additional storage) and by providing ancillary services. While some studies have presented specific instances of V2G implementation, long-term operation of the technology is still not well researched. Past research indicated financial barriers and availability as concerns which deter the implementation of V2G. Recent advancements in battery technology present new opportunities to make the technology viable. Using current and predicted EV technology trends, new EV load and V2G availability profiles were developed and used to evaluate the long-term operation and benefits of EVs and V2G in a residential microgrid environment. Simulation results indicate that the operation of V2G in a microgrid environment improves the economic operation of the system and reduces the levelized cost of energy by up to 5.7%. These results suggest the latest advancements in EV technology have improved the economic viability of V2G as well as its potential for further improving grid efficiency by providing energy services like peak demand shaving and additional storage capacity.