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  • (1957) Sapsford, Charles Matthew
    The new research projects in Australia into direct utilisation of solar energy and into measurements of global radiation are reviewed against the background of the awakened world-wide research interest. The design of a small thermosyphon operated domestic solar water heater without auxiliary heating is described and curves are presented showing the effect of the relevant variables on flow rate through the solar collector system. Performance of the solar water heater during winter, autumn and summer is analysed from records made on the domestic unit. Comparisons are made between the useful heat output under various operating conditions and the available solar energy on the collector surface, computed from simultaneous observations of global radiation using multiplying factors for angular position of the surface developed later in the thesis. The installation of the global radiation measuring instrument is also described. The importance of satisfactory estimates of available solar energy to permit economic design of solar water heaters is noted, and some existing methods of estimation studied. A new method of estimation is proposed and checked against observations at seven Australian stations, and the accuracy of the estimates for monthly averages is compared to the observed variations in monthly mean values of global radiation at Mount Stromlo over 12 years. The effect of angles of bearing and inclination of the collector surface on solar energy gain is studied, taking into account distribution of solar energy during the day and the effect of energy losses through the glass collector covers. Curves are presented to allow determination of gross and nett solar energy on inclined surfaces for average days in each month of the year at Sydney. A list is given of the detailed studies considered for future research as a result of experience gained in the operation of the domestic solar water heater.

  • (1956) Bryant, Raymond Alfred Arthur