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  • (1998) Chu, Pak; Peng, Gang-Ding
    Conference Paper
    We present an improved design approach for N×N silica-based multimode interference (MMI) devices. By this approach, we could determine a well-defined range of the length of the multimode section that would produce optimal device performance. The range is linked to the propagation constant spacing of fundamental and higher order modes of the multimode waveguide. Related design principles and issues of silica-based MMI devices will be discussed.

  • (1999) Chu, Pak; Malomed, Boris; Peng, Gang-Ding
    Conference Paper

  • (1999) Peng, Gang-Ding; Gu, Zu-Han
    Conference Paper
    We report the experimental study of the enhanced backscattering from a random rough surface through dye-doped polymer. The sample is a two-dimensional rough gold surface with a large slope coated with Pyrromethene-doped polymer layer. The sample is illuminated with an s-polarized He-Ne laser, which is pumped by a CW Argon Ion laser. The amplified scattering is measured. It is found that the enhanced backscattering peak is sharply increasing and the width is narrowing for a sample with low dielectric constant (epsilon) 2.