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  • (2008) Rahimpour, Mohammad; Lovell, Nigel; Celler, Branko; McCormick, John
    Journal Article
    Goal: To identify any major factors that could affect patients` perceptions of a Home Telecare Management System (HTMS) and use the findings to contribute to development of a theoretical framework for patient acceptance of HTMS. Materials and methods: Ten Focus Group Interviews (FGIs) were conducted with patients suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or both, from seven different ethnic groups in Sydney. Six key discussion points were used to conduct the FGIs. The participants were shown a video demonstrating the HTMS and its operation, followed by the demonstration of an HTMS prototype. The participants, who had no prior experience with the HTMS, were then asked questions to access their perceptions in potentially real situations. The discussions were audio-taped and content analysis performed. Results: Four major themes and 16 sub-themes were identified.

  • (2008) Ben-Naim, Dror; Marcus, Nadine; Bain, Michael
    Conference Paper
    In this paper we describe research that applies educational data-visualization and data mining techniques in an Adaptive Exploratory eLearning Environment called the Adaptive eLearning Platform. Using a novel visualization tool called the Solution Trace Graph, we were able to visualize student interactions and thus gain insights that led to the refinement of the intelligently adapted remediation in the system. An important observation we make concerns the employment of a software design methodology which we refer to as Virtual Apparatus Framework (VAF). By using VAF to develop eLearning content, the process of developing intelligently adapted remediation in an exploratory learning scenario, and subsequently the analysis of students? behaviour, is greatly enhanced and simplified.

  • (2008) Cranney, Jacquelyn; Jones, Gwyn; Morris, Suzanne; Starfield, Sue; Martire, Kristy; Newell, Benjamin; Wong, Kwan
    Conference Paper