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  • (1972) Dudgeon, C. R.; Huyakorn, P. S.; Swan, W. H. C.
    The project has four phases. 1. A Field study by the Queensland Irrigation and Water Supply Commission to examine the effect of the type of construction on well yield. This has been published separately by the Commission. 2. A literature survey. 3. Preliminary design study for an experimental facility in which the hydraulics of flow in close proximity to wells could be studied and in which practical problems such as the effects of drilling and development techniques on well performance could be examined. 4. A theoretical, experimental and field study aimed at improving the selection of the optimum type of construction for wells under various aquifer conditions.

  • (1961) Dudgeon, C. R.
    Pitch fibre pipes withstood high pressures. Dimensions and values are given.

  • (1961) Howell, D. T.
    Comparative cost benefit analysis of portable system, quick-coupling system and automatic system.

  • (1961) Munro, C. H.; Foster, D. N.
    After detailed survey of the levee site at the South Esk River, detailed design of the work is described.