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  • (2011) Hanaor, Dorian; Michelazzi, Marco; Chenu, Jeremy; Leonelli, Cristina; Sorrell, Charles
    Journal Article
    Thick anatase films were fabricated on graphite substrates using a method of anodic aqueous electrophoretic-deposition using oxalic acid as a dispersant. Thick films were subsequently fired in air and in nitrogen at a range of temperatures. The morphology and phase composition were assessed and the photocatalytic performance was examined by the inactivation of Escherichia coli in water. It was found that the transformation of anatase to rutile is enhanced by the presence of a graphite substrate through reduction effects. The use of a nitrogen atmosphere allows higher firing temperatures, results in less cracking of the films and yields superior bactericidal performance in comparison with firing in air. The beneficial effects of a nitrogen firing atmosphere on the photocatalytic performance of the material are likely to be a result of the diffusion of nitrogen and carbon into the TiO2 lattice and the consequent creation of new valence band states.

  • (2010) Willems van Beveren, Laurens; Huebl, H.; Starrett, Robert; Morello, Andrea
    Conference Paper
    We demonstrate radio frequency (RF) readout of electrically detected magnetic resonance in phosphorus-doped silicon metal-oxide field-effecttransistors (MOSFETs), operated at liquid helium temperatures. For the first time, the Si:P hyperfine lines have been observed using radio frequency reflectometry, which is promising for high-bandwidth operation and possibly time-resolved detection of spin resonance in donor-based semiconductor devices. Here we present the effect of microwave (MW) power and MOSFET biasing conditions on the EDMR signals.