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  • (2005) Aurum, Aybuke; Demirbilek, Oya; Dasgupta, Subhasish
    Book Chapter
    Product failure due to consumer separation from the design process can cause customer dissatisfaction and damage to businesses. This article focuses on the concept of virtual collaborative design and analyses the benefits and the barriers to online user collaboration in the early stages of the design process for product development. Furthermore, the article reports findings based on a survey study conducted with four potential stakeholders; representative of consumers, software designers, industrial designers, and manufacturers.

  • (2007) Abrahall, Rebecca; Cecez-Kecmanovic, Dubravka; Kautz, Karlheinz; Magyar, Gabor; Knapp, G.; Wojtkowski, W.; Wojtkowski, W.; Zupančič, J.
    Book Chapter
    This paper presents an interpretive case study of a strategic information system development (ISD) project in an insurance Company whose outcomes were perceived as both a success and a failure. By following actors – both human and non-human – involved in the strategic ISD project and the processes of inscribing and aligning interests within their actor-networks, the paper aims to unpack and provide a rich description of the contra-dictory nature of the socio-technical in such a project and the making of its success and failure. Guided by Actor Network Theory (ANT) the description traces the emergence of heterogeneous actor-networks and reveals how and why some interests did translate while others didn’t into the IS designs, thereby producing the perceptions of success or failure.