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The Sydney Men and Sexual Health (SMASH) data results from a cohort study of homosexually active men associated with the gay community in Sydney. Data was collected from two study arms: a socio-behavioral arm which focused on the impact of HIV on the sexual and social lives of the men in the study; and a clinical arm which focused on serological testing and assessment of disease progression. Data were collected on sexuality and sexual behaviour; association with the gay community; recreational drug use; HIV testing, treatments and Sexually Transmissible Infections; knowledge of HIV transmission; condom use; and demographic variables such as age, education and living situation. Time Dimensions: Longitudinal/panel/cohort study. Sample Population: Men who had had any sexual contact with another man during the five years prior to recruitment and who either lived within a one hour commute from or regularly participated in the Sydney gay scene. Between 1992 and 1995, a total of 1143 men were enrolled into the cohort, with the majority enrolling in the initial years of the project. Kind of Data: Survey and clinical data. Sampling Procedures: A broad range of recruitment strategies were adopted, including volunteer recruitment through gay venues, events and organisations; 'snowballing' through friends of participants; direct recruitment at gay community dance parties and venues; referrals from earlier studies; referrals from medical practitioners; and volunteers responding to magazine advertisements. Method of Data Collection: Face-to-face interviews; clinical measurements.
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sydney men and sexual health (smash project) cohort study of aspects of hiv disease in gay and bisexual health - DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND AGED CARE - COMMONWEALTH AIDS RESEARCH GRANTS TO HIV CENTRES (ANCARD) - 96/09414