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This database includes four Tropical cyclone (TC) landfall datasets produced using the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center of Tokyo (TOKYO), China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), and Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) best track datasets. The database was used to investigate a 50-yr TC landfalling climatology in Southeast Asia (1970-2019). These datasets are at 30-min temporal and 0.25-degree spatial resolutions and stored in the Matlab ".m" file format. The column variable description of each dataset is as below. 1) id: Tropical cyclone identifier 2) name: Tropical cyclone name 3) syear: Forming year 4) obs: Time provided in Universal Time Coordinates (UTC). Format is YYYY-MM-DD_HH:mm:ss 5) lat: Latitude 6) lon: Longitude 7) v: Maximum wind speed (converted to 1-min wind speed in case the dataset is CMA, HKO, TOKYO) 8) hit_lat: Latitude of landfall 9) hit_lon: Longitude of landfall 10) hit_v: Intensity at landfall (defined by maximum wind speed converted to 1-min in case the dataset is CMA, HKO, TOKYO) 11) v_orig: Maximum wind speed provided by an agency 12) hit_v_orig: Intensity at landfall defined by maximum wind speed provided by an agency 13) hit_obs: Time of landfall 14) hit_times: Number of landfalls
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download CoastalLF50km_TOKYO.mat 4.62 MB MAT-file format (MATLAB)
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